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Special K9 Dog Training Background



Special K9 has a strong ethical background and they believe that honesty, compassion and faith are just a few of the very important factors to running a successful business that pet owners can trust.

Owner and Master Instructor, Jenny Oberhelman, grew up in a family owned company, "Triune Dog Training Academy" owned by her parent's Joan Meyer and Greg Oberhelman. From a very early age, Jenny had the opportunity to watch, listen, learn and study their methods of dog obedience and behavior modification, which helped lead to her incredible understanding of all types of dogs. Her first experience by herself was training on-leash dog obedience to a very stubborn Basset Hound when she was only 4 years old. Since this training experience she immediately developed a passion working with dogs. At the age of 6 she started competing in dog agility with her German Shepherd, Starr. Within 2 years Jenny and Starr made it to the United States Dog Agility Association National Championships competing against other junior handlers. Participating in this sport, Jenny excelled so quickly that by the age of 12 she began to compete with her Shetland Sheepdog, Jodie against adults through the American Kennel Club all over the United States winning many ribbons and titles along the way. Jenny and Jodie competed at the AKC National Championships several times against the adults, with great success. At the age of 13 she began specializing in behavior modification as well as aggression rehabilitation of all breeds and sizes of dogs. By the age of 15 years old Jenny Miller began to train several dogs a month that were enrolled into her parent's Triune Training Academy program, start to finish, by herself. Beginning to understand dog psychology, physics and mechanics have been imprinted into Jenny Miller by the time she could walk.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Business from Sterling College, Jenny Miller opened Special K9 Dog Training. It was after a couple of years of offering training services only but having multiple requests to care for their client's pets while they traveled, Special K9 expanded so that they would also be able to offer boarding and daycare services at their country resort. They wanted people to feel confident and comfortable about traveling, knowing that their furry loved one was in the best of hands.

We have a friendly and dedicated staff with a great reputation. They are knowledgeable and dedicated to keeping your pup happy and healthy and doing whatever it takes to insure they are having a good time. Our company is built and focused on trust from every angle. It took us many years to find people we trusted to keep on our team because our expectations are extremely high. We have finally hit the jack pot with a team full of incredibly dedicated and compassionate members.