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Every canine companion has a unique personality and disposition. Because of this, every canine needs to be trained differently.  Special K9 has been using the "Triune" method of training for years, "three being one."  This training is based on three unique methods; psychology, physics and the mechanics. Our obedience training is based on these three personality traits of your canine for ultimate success. This psychology of canine dog training is similar to the approach therapists use with their clients. Every client has a different background, different problems, different personalities etc. And because of this, the therapist may use a different technique with each patient. Understanding this method of canine dog training requires a unique trainer, with a wide range of experience and a wealth of knowledge. We do not teach the canines to only respond to commands by giving them the option to compromise with treats i.e. "I will do this for you only if you give me a treat". Our training is based on the positive reinforcement of vocal and hand praise which establishes respect from your companion and strengthens the loving bond you desire to have . Whether you want help with basic puppy canine training, older dog training, in-home and public manners, dog aggression problems, or advanced off-leash obedience training our expert guidance, experience and knowledge will help you to effectively achieve a well-mannered companion, and create the type of bond between you and your 4-legged best friend that can not be broken. Please check the testimonials  from several of clients who have experience with our training method.  Special K9 Dog Training, located in the country of Burrton, Kansas accepts all breeds and temperaments.

Through our dog training methods you are provided with the control every pet owner needs, and deserves. 

Our training is also great for the person interested in agility, hunting, and/or using their companion as a therapy dog or service dog.  We have satisfied clients that have excelled in all of these categories. 

We train for the reality of the pet owners by not relying on treats to get the dog to respond. Serving Wichita, Newton, Hutchinson and surrounding areas!

Our dog obedience training mission is to provide dogs of all breeds, sizes, ages, backgrounds, and problems the chance to make you proud. Special K9 strongly believes with the proper love, training and guidance any dog can be a good dog.


​​​Private Lesson Programs
Obedience and proper manners (3 weeks): $400 +$115/per additional lesson

Aggression Cases (4 weeks): $600​

These are one on one 50 minute sessions with the instructor once a week for 3-4 consecutive weeks at our training facility with daily homework provided. Direction is offered daily throughout the process. The protocol must be followed and homework completed daily by the owner to benefit from the program.

$75 non-refundable deposit required to reserve dates. Deposit can be made via the paypal link at the bottom of the page or credit card over the phone.
Payment due in full at first lesson
No refunds on cancellations

Board and Train Programs

​​​Intermediate 3 week on-leash obedience training and behavior modification:  $1,500 (+$80/day if canine needs additional time).

  • 10 commands on-leash (heel, sit, down, sit stay, down stay, stay, come, off, down in front, down while walking)
  • Proper in-home and public manners
  • Severe distraction work
  • Three lessons with instructor and owner included (SKYPE available) *to be completed within 30 days after graduation*
  • Home instructions must be followed to maintain the training 
  • This is an on-leash training program. When your companion returns home you can expect outstanding behavior when they are leashed.

*Add $300 for dog aggression cases and $90/day if canine needs more time*

*Add $150 for severe separation anxiety cases and $85/day if canine needs more time*

*Add $500 for service dog conditioning

*Add $200 for hunting dog training

Advanced 6 week on and off-leash obedience training and advanced behavior modification: $3,000.

  • 13 commands on and off-leash (heel, sit, down, sit stay, down stay, stay, come, off, down in front, down while walking, sit from down command, place, down on recall)
  • In-home and public manners
  • Severe distraction work
  • Complete off-leash control
  • ​Six lessons with instructor and owner included (SKYPE available *to be completed within 60 days after graduation*
  • Home instructions must be followed to maintain the training
  • This is an on and off-leash training program. When your companion returns home you can expect outstanding behavior both on and off-leash.
  • Gentle remote collar included!

​3 Day Fine-Tuner (only offered on week days): 

3 sessions/day for 3 days: $650

  • This fine-tuner is provider for anyone who has successfully completed our private lesson program or board and train program.
  • Great to incorporate into boarding dates!
  • The fine-tuner helps to excel their training and/or get them back on track.
  • One lesson with instructor
  • Recommended 1-2 times a year.

Refresher Course: $775 (must have completed one of our board and train programs)

  • This course is provided for past graduates of any of our board and train programs
  • Ten day refreshment of graduation course
  • Two lessons with instructor and owner included *to be completed within 14 days of graduation*
  • Recommended at 1 y/o, 2 y/o then every 2 years.

*Visitation is welcome. Contact for more details on each program, schedule a tour of our facility or to reserve a spot in one of our training programs. A ​​$75 non-refundable deposit via the paypal link below or credit card over the phone is required to reserve a spot in one of our training programs.

Keep in mind with the proper follow through and homework you can change the way you interact with your companion. And have a happy new beginning.

Let us show you results and consistency using the Triune method. Call or email now!


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